We're an Australian registered charity and not-for-profit with a very simple mission: 



As an entirely volunteer-led organisation, we focus on empowering high school students by providing them with access to resources and thought-leadership that allows them to make informed decisions on their future education and career paths, as well as shape their involvement and contributions within their communities.


In each touchpoint with students we look to teach practical skills, build confidence and interpersonal skills, and provide mentorship through interactive workshops, presentations and exposure to prominent thought-leaders and industry representatives. 


Since 2010, we've lived our mission through 20+ multi-day conferences with more than 2,000 students participating, 200+ external speakers, 200+ volunteers and an immeasurable number of volunteering hours. 


We love what we do, and we can't wait to keep inspiring!

Welcome to B.Inspiring!

To inspire young people to use their passions, skills and talents to make a positive impact in their lives and communities.  

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Be Yourself

  • Don't be afraid to be open, honest and constructive 

  • We value clear and transparent communication 

  • Respect others to ensure every individual is confident being themselves

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Own the problem

  • Be committed and passionate about the change you want to see 

  • Lead by example to inspire young people to change the world 

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Thrive Together

  • Bring your unique ideas and passion, and let's see what we can do together

  • We need each other to make a difference and expand our impact 

  • Everyone has so much to give through their unique combination of strengths and talents 

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Improve without permission

  • Be keen to get involved and try new things 

  • Learn and grow along with the rest of the team